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A new deck - you have been thinking about it and you probably have design ideas and plans for a deck that will increase the enjoyment of your yard and home.

Whether it’s a new deck, or replacing an old one, Custom Building Professional will turn your deck ideas into reality.

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Even better, with over 15 years of custom deck design and construction, Custom Building Professionals can enhance your design in so many ways:

If you don’t have a design, or just want some extra touches, our professional designers will work with you to create a better deck. Pressure-treated wood is the traditional decking material, but CBP offers many other options:

  • Mahogany and Ipé: Beautiful and durable woods that will pay for themselves with lower maintenance and increased lifespan. Mahogany ages to a beautiful silvery hue and Ipé is virtually impossible to scratch.
  • Composite materials: Build a deck for life with a composite decking system. It’s the decking material of choice for more and more homeowners and contractors, composites have the look and feel of wood, but are built to endure the elements and last a lifetime:

    • No rot, no screws, no rust – no slivers!
    • A variety of finishes and colors
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Keeps looking great season after season

Sometimes it’s the extras that make a deck look great.

  • Creative design: put a new angle on it
  • Gazebo or covered deck: stay cool in the sun
  • Step-up bar: ideal for entertaining or just relaxing
  • Railings: enjoy the beauty of wrought iron or have an unobstructed view through a glass railing system
  • Above ground pool or hot tub decks: enjoy sitting by the water as much as being in it.
Your new deck is the basis of your outdoor leisure space – build it right. budget – and you always have the comfort of knowing your project is protected by our Lifetime Product Warranty.
Contact Custom Building Professionals today and let us help you make your deck everything it can be.



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