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  • Replacing your roof should not be an afterthought. It’s the first line of defence between your family and the elements, but you probably don’t think about it until a problem occurs.
  • Your roof has to endure the extremes of weather, from blistering sun, to freezing winds, all while keeping you warm and dry.
  • Waiting for a problem to happen before paying attention to your roof can have disastrous, and costly, results for your home. A roof leak can damage your ceiling, walls, even your foundation.

    Custom Building Professionals has the knowledge and experience to identify potential problems with your roof and fix them properly – before they become a much bigger problem. We would be pleased to show you what to look for and develop solutions that fit your needs.

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Fixing your roof means knowing what's best for your roof:


It’s not just about which color or style you prefer. Whether or not your roof is shaded, or the direction of the prevailing wind, can all make a difference in the roofing finish that’s best for your home.

It’s the base of your roof on which the finish is fastened. If your roof deck is not done right, your roof won’t be done right. These are the roof “accessories” that get the moisture away from the outside of your home and keep it dry inside.
Each home has its own requirements and knowing what’s best for your home takes a trained roofing specialist like those at Custom Building Professionals.
  • Our qualified specialists will work with you and make sure you have all the facts and a proper plan in place to keep your roof protecting your home for years to come.
  • We do the work promptly and keep your property clean and liveable throughout the project.
  • Our Lifetime Product Warranty protects all our roofing repair and replacement work, so you can relax knowing your roof will be fixed properly.
So there is no reason to wait until there’s a leak in your roof - because then it’s too late. Contact Custom Building Professionals today and let us make sure your roof keeps your family warm and dry.



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